Executive Order No. 128 mandates the Department to “provide central direction, leadership and coordination of scientific and technological efforts and ensure that the results therefrom are geared and utilized in areas of maximum economic and social benefits for the people”.



A reservoir of scientific and technological know-how providing world-class solutions that empower Filipinos to attain higher productivity and better quality of life in Central Visayas.



DOST shall be the direction provider, leader and coordinator of the country’s scientific and technological efforts, ensuring that these are geared and utilized in areas of maximum economic and social benefits for the people in Central Visayas.


Our Values

  • Our two most fundamental values are integrity and solidarity. We will be open, transparent and accountable to the public, our customer, as well as to continue to trust each other, and hold one another accountable for honoring that trust.
  • In the workplace, we will strive for fairness and equity. We will provide equal opportunities for all staff, recognize achievement, celebrate diversity, and respect individual dignity.We will strive to  practice effective leadership at all levels and empower staff so that they can give their best.
  • In our work, we will search excellence and commitment in all that we do. We will continually seek to innovate to improve the quality and delivery of our products and services, and accept the need for risk taking and genuine mistakes as opportunities for learning.
  • We will also value teamwork over individual effort, sharing knowledge amongst ourselves and our partners to build on our collective strengths and inter-dependencies.


What our Mission, Vision and Values really mean is that we aim to be:

  • The place people think of first when they think about Science and Technology.
  • Where the best people in our field want to work.
  • Recognized as a friendly, open, flexible and responsive culture.
  • Where we deliver lasting benefits for the poor and have fun doing it.
  • People who don’t work with us wish that they did.
  • First port of call for those with an S&T problem to solve.
  • And above all – An organization that makes a lasting difference to the development of the region.