The regional celebration has been part of the national observance of the National Science and Technology Week which highlights the significant contributions of science and technology to national development. It has become a platform for heralding S&T advocacy in the country.

For this year, the Department of Science and Technology Region VII is fusing two annual activities in one majestic celebration and that is the National Science and Technology Week in the Region and the Regional Invention Contest and Exhibit (RICE).

The celebration of RICE provides encouragement to all inventors and researchers to showcase their inventive and creative capabilities through a form of competition for cash incentives, awards, and bragging rights.

Here are the activities to look out for:

  • Search for the Most Outstanding DOST Scholars’ Association in Region VII
  • Awarding of the Best SETUP Project
  • Awarding of the Best CEST Community
  • RICE Awarding Ceremony
  • S&T Fora
  • Adopt-A-Technology
  • #ICanAdaptwithDOST7 Challenge
  • Fun Trivias

Join us in our first-ever hybrid event! This is gonna be “lit!”