Situated at about six kilometers from Poblacion, Siquijor, Cang-alwang National High School would sit secluded within barangay Tongo, Siquijor.  Seven neighboring barangays would feed its enrolment with students who would prefer to avail of a public school education.  As of 2022, it has now a student population of around 500.

In 2016, the Department of Science and Technology granted Cang-alwang National High School with STARBOOKS, a digital library designed to offer students with science and technology information especially to those who come from geographically-isolated and economically-challenged communities.

According to the newly-assigned principal of the school Mrs. Anita Denolan, DOST’s STARBOOKS has been exremely helpful especially to Senior High School students in their research work and equally to Junior High School students in their science and math subjects.

After three years of engaging with STARBOOKS, Cang-alwang National High School, which was then under the leadership of its school principal Mr. Leonel Kilat, was adjudged as Best Performing STARBOOKS site nationwide last October 2019 in Iloilo City.

The focal person Miss Cyrene Ancis, who happens also to be an engineer, would explain that the high rate of access to STARBOOKS by students of Cang-alwang National High School was brought about by the incessant encouragement and regulation of the school’s administration and teachers to utilize STARBOOKS even during free time of the students.

Decisively, she established a local area network connecting 50 computers thus allowing around 100 students to access STARBOOKS simultaneously.

Along the course, she found out that some students would forget their log-in credentials.  To avoid the students from making multiple accounts, what she did was to incorporate such credentials in their identification cards.

Cang-alwang National High School remains positioned to maximize access to STARBOOKS with a new plan to network it wirelessly by using five wireless access points to provide connection to distant buildings within the campus.

From afar, Cang-alwang National High School may appear like an ordinary public school, but in its womb vibrates the engaging pulse of intellectual stimulation from DOST’s STARBOOKS.  (By: Jose Aldous R. Arbon II, SRA-IO)


Students of Cang-alwang National High School of Siquijor as they engage with STARBOOKS from DOST-STII.  In 2019, Cang-alwang National High School was adjudged as the 2019 National Best STARBOOKS Site in Ilo-ilo City.