The Department of Science and Technology 7 (DOST 7) has urged local and foreign mechanical engineering professionals and researchers to develop new technology and innovative solutions that will promote sustainable growth and preserve the environment for future generation.

DOST 7 Regional Director Edilberto Paradela, in a message delivered yesterday to participants in the 7th International Mechanical Engineering Research Conference (IMERC) held in Cebu City, underscored the importance of setting modern engineering research and development goals in the context of  environmental protection and growth sustainability.

Sustainable growth is a state or condition wherein   the needs of the present are meet without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The conference was attended by engineering authors and experts from Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines, engineering professionals, researchers, faculty, and students.

Paradela pointed out that modernity, brought about by industrial revolution and the rapid advancement of science and technology, has made the world smaller, economic opportunities bigger, and life easier for modern man.

“But just as it has its boon, modernity has its bane. Modern life, aggravated by rapid population growth, has resulted in greater, inordinate consumption of goods as well as in exploitation of natural resources, taking its toll on Mother Earth’s capacity to sustain itself. By sheer greed, apathy or neglect, we have left the future generation global warming, acid rain, storm surge, drought, vanishing forests, and endangered species”, Paradela said.

He thus told the participants that the greatest challenge the world is facing now is how to achieve and maintain sustainable socio-economic growth and development without jeopardizing the planet’s ability sustain its present and future inhabitants.

“Mechanical engineers like all of you here, therefore, assume not only the vital role of pursuing sustainable growth. You have a serious role as well to use mechanical engineering, being the converging point of all other engineering fields, to make sustainable growth an essential part of those other disciplines”, he stressed.

Challenging participants to make sustainable growth and development part of their discipline and advocacy, Paradela added that it is of utmost importance that engineering professionals and researchers make it their mission to realize the vision  of “developing engineering solutions that foster a cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable world”.

written by: Licinio Gingoyon