The undergraduate scholars and the DOST 7 enablers during the “Gender Sensitivity Training” on December 15, 2022 via zoom platform

In order for the DOST 7 undergraduate scholars “to become effective contributors to development … there is a need to heighten your awareness on Gender Sensitivity,” said  Engr. Jesus F. Zamora, Jr., Regional Director of DOST 7.

RD Zamora advised the scholars to make, “gender sensitivity and gender responsiveness part of DOST 7 culture and norm and must also be imbedded/ rooted in your values as Scholars of DOST.”

Forty three (Male 16, Female 27) Undergraduate scholars actively participated in the Gender Sensitivity Training, spearheaded by the DOST 7 in collaboration with the Admin and Finance Units.           

The training heightened the knowledge of the scholars on Basic Gender and Development concepts about the difference of sex and gender, the influence of the socialization agents, and understand the underlying gender biases, its negative effects, and on how to prevent and stop gender bias in school, in ones family and in the community.

The scholars also learned how the socialization agents such as the family, school, church and media influence a person’s behavior, it communicate and reinforce cultural norms and values of adults as well as children on how to behave, what to believe and on how to act as individuals in a given society. The scholars were also informed on International and National GAD Mandates which calls for.

Ms. Laicajoy S. Ayag of Cebu Normal University (CNU) shared, the training was, “very insightful and it did reach my expectations. It truly opened my mind and widen my perspective about things that should be given light to. I will make sure to use my gained knowledge in a way that it could inspire other people in any ways. Thank you and kudos!”

“The webinar was informative and I had learned several things that is essential for enriching my perspective on gender-related issues,” Nick James Baco of Silliman University said.

( Prepared by: Myrel M. Siason)