Duck, cover and hold!

Leave and evacuate the building.

RD Edilberto L. Paradela actively participates the drill.

Leave the building and casually walk towards a safe open space outside.

Gather around the designated evacuation area.

Photo op of the active participants.

DOST 7 officers and workers sought safe cover from imaginary falling objects at the sound of an emergency alarm as part of the earthquake preparedness drill last July 28, 2017at the S&T Complex in Lahug, Cebu City.

The earthquake response simulation activity was done as part of DOST 7’s participation in the nationwide earthquake drill in observance of the National Disaster Resilience Month.

As the alarm bell sounded, workers immediately sought cover from potential danger to life and limb posed by hard or heavy falling objects in the areas they were staying.

The duration of the alarm sound, which lasted for a minute, signified the duration of earthquake. The workers stayed put in covered spots, mostly beneath office tables, while the bell was ringing.

When the alarm bell ended, the workers, hands covering their heads, left the  building and casually walked towards a safe open space outside.  An evaluation on the workers’ drill performance was done at the conclusion of the drill.

The earthquake drill is periodically held as part of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management training. It aims to train the people in disaster prevention and mitigation, disaster preparedness, disaster response, and disaster rehabilitation and recovery.


written by: Licinio Gingoyon