The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) 7 and SM City, a chain of largest shopping malls in the country, are now holding the second leg of their joint anniversary celebration this year  in Cebu City.

The occassion commemorates SM’s and DOST’s 60th year of existence after their founding in1958.

DOST 7 observes the agency’s founding anniversary by way of holding a two-leg exhibit with the first one held at SM City North from August 21 to 28, 2018, and the second and current one at  SM Seaside City from September 1 to 7.

The exhibit highlights DOST milestones through the years as the country’s premier agency that provides central direction, leadership and coordination of all scientific and technological activities and initiatives in pursuing the goal of national development.

The activities during the two-week event will showcase the DOST history, services that have made a difference in the lives of the people through promotion of science and technology  (S & T) at all levels of the population in the Philippine society.

With the support of SM City, the agency hopes to heighten people’s awareness of the importance of science and technology in improving quality of life.

The agency has been in the forefront of national development efforts, especially in the area of health, agriculture, nutrition, transportation, disaster risk management, and entrepreneurship.

Among the activities to be undertaken during the event are, among others, exhibits highlighting the department’s accomplishments and triumphs each decade

The event will also showcase DOST’s research priorities over the years and display products made by home-grown DOST-assisted micro, small and medium enterprises in Region 7.

written by: Licinio Gingoyon