DOST just granted One Heart Homemakers Association with a labeling assistance on its homemade tablea products last May 6, 2022.

One Heart Homemakers Association is a group of women mothers between late 20s and early 60s from Candanay Sur, Siquijor organized on February 6, 2021 by LGU-Siquijor Municipal Agriculturist Office, the main purpose of which is to make OHHA eligible as a beneficiary for a government project.  True enough, members of OHHA initially received from MAO-Siquijor some bags of fertilizers and packs of vegetable seedlings to start their backyard gardening in lieu of the “Food Always In The Home” (FAITH) program.  Subsequently, OHHA was registered with the Department of Labor and Employment on June 2021.  In a matter of time, OHHA submitted a project proposal for its tablea production.

OHHA is producing around 152 packs (200 grams/pack) per month.  It opts to be an ambulant vendor selling its tablea products as far as its efforts could afford to find customers.  On the other hand, its tablea products are wrapped with an ordinary cellophane and bare with information.

Engr. Mario E. de la Peńa said:  “OHHA’s request for labeling assistance is relevant as I am also coordinating with the DOST Provincial Director of Bohol, Vina R. Antopino, who is a trained and expert cholatier, to improve the quality of tablea products in Siquijor.  I know that the marketability of a product also hinges on its packaging and labeling.”

Marivic B. Balolong, the president of OHHA noted:  “I am thankful to DOST for designing a label for our tablea products.  Finally, I could say that our packs of tablea have been newly dressed up.”

One Heart Homemade Tablea will be out in the market with a new label and with information ranging from what base ingredients are used, its weight, its manufacturer, its place of manufacturing, its contact number, and a space to indicate its expiry date.

If it’s from OHHA, it must be a tablea which is “motherly and chocolatey pure.”

By: Jose Aldous Rubi Arbon II


DOST’s design for One Heart Homemade Tablea.