DOST SIQUIJOR PSTD Engr. Mario E. de la Peńa together with Mr. Jose Aldous R. Arbon II handed in personally the donated books to Sr. Mila Margaret V. Montegrejo, Carm. O.L., CCSI School President.


The Department of Science and Technology through PSTC Siquijor donated eighteen (18) books to the Carmelite College of Siquijor Inc. on April 6, 2022.  From dictionary and thesaurus to manual on bamboo processing and lexicon on Philippine trees, the donation carries with it much utility to students and teachers.

Provincial Director Engr. Mario E. de la Peńa personally handed in the books to Sr. Mila Margaret V. Montegrejo, Carm. O.L., CCSI School President.

Sr. Montegrejo said:  “I am thankful to DOST for giving us these books.  It is timely as our school has been working to increase its library holdings.  As far as science and technology is concerned, I think we have now updated, reliable, and relevant sources of information.”

Just last March, DOST also granted CCSI with Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosks or briefly known as (STARBOOKS), a digital library, and a printing equipment for the school’s income-generating project.

Engr. de la Peńa noted:  “DOST PSTC SIQUIJOR continues to support CCSI in whatever it works on for the benefit of students, teachers, and its nearby communities.  We are on the same note that knowledge, specially on science and technology, could be a seedbed for growing ideas for innovations.  Who knows there may be one or two here who would opt to pursue seriously science courses in the future.”

It is no surprise, therefore, that one day when DOST visits again CCSI, it hears a testimony from a Carmelite student that he has used the word “cogent” in his essay to mean “strongly persuasive” because he has found it in the thesaurus or another student has utilized his family’s bamboo plantation because he has read the manual on bamboo processing.