Mayor Gerold V. Pal-ing addressed the members of BISMACOFA with a strong note to sustain its livelihood projects granted from DOST.

DOST SIQUIJOR PSTC through Engr. Mario E. de la Peña distributed enhanced nutribuns to members of BISMACOFA, a farmers’ association, and to the community of barangay Bitaug on January 14, 2022.  With the presence of the mayor of MLGU-En. Villanueva and the barangay captain of Bitaug, En. Villanueva, the distribution was stamped with moral support.

Mayor Gerold V. Pal-ing said:  “I am happy with the presence of DOST again in En. Villanueva, specifically here in Bita-ug.  We know that DOST has been a constant provider of livelihood grants to our municipal associations.  It seems that we have become a good client.  Now, it is giving us enhanced nutribuns – and so to speak, this is a juncture of rebonding our minds and hearts to improve our lives.”

Equally, Barangay Captain Aldwin S. Magsalay remarked:  “DOST has been a great help since then in helping Bitaug deliver livelihood programs to its constituency.  I am grateful to Engr. Mario E. de la Peña for being always a willing supporter to our advocacy.  Now, I thank him again for bringing to us these packs of nutribuns.”

DOST’s friendship with members of Bitaug Small Coconut Farmers Association (BISMACOFA) in Bitaug, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor revolves around an agreement for community empowerment through livelihood programs.  Firstly, BISMACOFA has been a recipient of DOST-PCAARRD’s Science and Technology Community-based for Inclusive Development (STC4iD) Program, the three-year implementation of which just terminated last December of 2021.  Secondly, BISMACOFA has also qualified for another DOST grant, this time, from DOST VII with the Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) Project on peanut and vermicomposting production, and just recently on bulb onion production.

Engr. Mario E. de la Peña concluded:  “The fact that BISMACOFA won as the SIQUIJOR and REGION VII best CEST community means that you are eligible to receive another grant from DOST, and also from other government agencies.  I am happy to be with you now, and I am rebonding with you with these nutritious buns.”

(by Jose Aldous R. Arbon II, DOST SIQUIJOR PSTC-IO)

Engr. Mario E. de la Peña explained to the members of BISMACOFA the reason of his visit.


DOST SIQUIJOR PSTC Provincial Director Engr. Mario E. de la Peña with members of BISMACOFA.
Barangay Captain Aldwin S. Magsalay of Bitaug with Engr. Mario E. de la Peña of DOST and the members of BISMACOFA.