September 9, Dumaguete City – The DOST Scholars Association of Negros Oriental (DOST SA NegOr) bagged the second place in first ever Search for the Most Outstanding Scholars Association in Region 7.

The announcement of winners was held during the 3rd day of the virtual National Science and Technology Week Celebration in Central Visayas last August 27, 2021.

DOST Science Education Institute Dir. Josette Biyo personally announced the winners of the contest.

“Bagging the 2nd place of the first ever Search for Best Scholars’ Association in Region 7 does not mean we lost, hence, we still won. We are all winners. We are all deserving. Having this kind of competition really made us think that togetherness is very important…This would not be possible without the help of my co-officers, co-scholars, and to the staff of DOST Negros Oriental PSTC. I do hope that you, my co-scholars and future scholars of DOST will follow our footsteps…”, said outgoing DOST Scholars’ Association NegOr President Febb Silagpo.

“…Having this kind of contest is not just a mere competition between scholars’ association. It shows how each association exert efforts in serving not only within the scholar circle or any academic related issues but also extending their hands for the people in their respective communities carrying the values of professional excellence, servant leadership, and social responsibility… I would like to acknowledge that winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration we received from our seniors and co officers…To Ma’am Marj, Sir Jee, and Sir Jek whom I have the deepest respect”, said DOST Scholars Association Chapter President Mainly S. Bulagao.

Members of the DOST SA NegOr were elated to hear the positive news. One scholar expressed his opinion on what lies ahead.

“… I am sure enough that this will not be the last time DOST SA NegOr will be seen on the spotlight. We have only just begun and we have etched our mark. Our achievements will not end here for it will be nourished and maintained. Maintaining this feat will not be an easy task. But with my fellow scholars’ utmost cooperation and dedication to the association, we will accomplish even greater milestones”, said Marwin Billones a 2nd year DOST Scholar and BS Biology student.

The association will receive a Plaque of Recognition and P5,000.00 cash prize for bagging the 2nd place.

Some of the notable progams implemented by the association include organizing 21 webinars together with DOST SA Cebu, drafting of 8 sets of reviewers compiled from various sources for the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship Exam, extending goods to fellow scholars who were stranded during the lockdown in 2020, and assistance in the actual conduct of Energy Audit, among others.

The DOST SA NegOr was also successfully registered as a legitimate youth organization in Dumaguete City in 2020.

DOST SA Negros Oriental is composed of DOST scholars enrolled in Negros Oriental State University System, Foundation University and Silliman University.

According the Ms. Elvirg F. Solana of DOST 7 Scholarship Unit, their office initiated the said contest to recognize the scholar association’s effort for the quality of their engagements and endeavours including their contribution to the organization members, the university/college, the DOST and the community. (Engr. Reinhold Jek Y. Abing, SRS II/S&T Media Service – DOST Negros Oriental)