November 23, Dumaguete City – A scholar of the Department of Science and Technology topped the November 2022 Geologist Licensure Examination.

Mr. Ralph M. Tenido ranked 6th in the recently concluded Geologist Licensure Examination. He obtained a rating of 80.80%.

He finished his bachelor’s degree in geology at Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) in Dumaguete City.  Mr. Tenido is a DOST SEI Undergraduate Merit scholar from school year 2018-2022.

Other DOST scholars who passed the said board examination are Trishia Ysabel V. Calibat, Sirach Anne P. Magbanua, Theodore J. Sanchez, and Pamela Mae R. Piñero. They also finished BS Geology from NORSU.

We chatted with the new topnotcher and here are some of his insights.


What were your thoughts when you topped the recent Geologist Licensure Examination?

Ralph: The first thought that came to my mind was gratefulness to the people who have pushed me to be the best that I am today – these are my parents, friends, classmates, my advisers, and others who continue to support my journey from beginning up until now. Passing the board exam is just another step in our lives. I look forward to the future ahead of me.


What is your message to your fellow DOST scholars who will soon take their board examinations?

Ralph: Have initiative and discipline. Having an initiative to start early and being able to stick to it are just some of the factors that you need to prepare for the board exam. Believe in yourself and trust in God’s will.


Any tips on how you prepared the board exams?

Ralph: Find the best method of studying that will suit you. We all have different styles of learning and being able to take advantage of that can greatly increase your efficiency and productivity in studying. I used flashcards to make a database of terms and definitions that I run through for every subject. I also used mind mapping for subjects that involves a timeline or processes.


Question: What is your message to DOST?

Ralph: DOST has been one of my backbones as I went on with my college life and I am forever grateful for the opportunities and the support that I received from them. As I continue with my career in the field of geosciences, it’s in my best intention to promote science and technology to the upcoming generations. For me, it is one of the greatest initiatives of promoting science to the people.


Congratulations, Ralph for topping the geologist licensure examination. Congratulations also to your fellow DOST scholars for passing the said board exam. Your DOST Negros Oriental family is very proud of you. (by: Engr. Reinhold Jek Y. Abing, Science Research Specialist II/DOST Negros Oriental)