October 14, Dumaguete City – Two scholars of the Department of Science and Technology topped the March 2022 and October 2022 Geodetic Engineer Licensure Examinations.

Engr. Hannah Gomez ranked 1st in the March 2022 board exam and obtained a rating of 90.20%. Engr. Tharen R. Ferrolino placed 9th in the recently concluded October 2022 licensure exam with a rating of 88.80%.

Both scholars finished their bachelor’s degree in geodetic engineering in Negros Oriental State University.

Engr. Gomez is a DOST SEI Undergraduate RA 7687 scholar batch 2015 while Engr. Ferrolino is a DOST-SEI Undergraduate Merit scholar batch 2018.

We chatted with the two topnotchers and here are some of their insights.


Question: What were your thoughts when you topped the recent Geodetic Engineering Licensure Examination?

Engr. Gomez: I was surprised. It’s overwhelming but it was God’s favor that He gave me more than what I have asked for. When the news broke, I couldn’t believe and I cried out of joy. I recalled how the circumstances revealed how gracious and merciful He was.

Engr. Ferrolino: Of course, I was very happy. Becoming a topnotcher was something I was aiming for since I started college. That moment felt like a culmination of not just my hardships but also those who always had my back.

I feel very thankful for everyone most especially God. I always prayed that I want to be a topnotcher and He really made it happen.


Question: What is your message to your fellow DOST scholars who will soon take their board examinations?

Engr. Gomez: To my fellow DOST-scholars, keep the faith. You have come this far so do not doubt nor fear. There are lots of ways to prepare by benchmarking the best practices of some successful examinees. However, I believe you have to know what suits you best. Have an inspiration to be your driving force. Take a rest if you need to, listen and be kind to your body. And above all, surrender to Him. He knows what lies ahead and He is in control of everything.


Engr. Ferrolino: If you want to become a topnotcher, work hard and aim for it. If you want to pass the exams, think of all the people who’s going to be proud of you when they see your name in the list of passers.

I also encourage scholars to collaborate and study with their classmates. They should browse review materials online including sample board exam questions.

Also, I know as a scholar, many of you are academically-gifted than others. If some of your classmates ask you about something, go ahead and teach them. Teaching/tutoring others will help you assess your learning and you can come up of ways on how to efficiently solve problems.


Question: What is your message to DOST?

Engr. Gomez: To DOST, you are an answered prayer to us especially to the RA 7687 scholars. From a less affluent household, you have provided more than just financial assistance as you (DOST) became one my motivations to keep up, to strive hard and to perform what is required. Above all, you give us a family. In behalf of my fellow scholars, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your support to the Filipino youth especially to those underprivileged but deserving students. Indeed, you are the wind beneath our wings. DOST helped us soar to greater heights. We will always be proud and honored to be a DOST scholar.

Engr. Ferrolino: As a DOST scholar, I’m very blessed to receive monthly stipend plus allowances during my four years in college. This scholarship really helped me and my parents financially and so, I am very thankful for DOST.

Also, as former president of the DOST Scholars’ Association in NORSU, my graduating year in college was very memorable. I had the chance to work with and meet new friends. I was able to discover more about my strengths and weaknesses.

DOST is one of the reasons why I had an electrifying college life and I’ll be forever grateful that I became a DOST scholar.


There you have it. We hope that our readers, especially our scholars out there will be inspired to finish their respective bachelor’s degree and pass their board examinations. Congratulations to our two DOST-scholar graduates, Engr. Hannah Gomez and Engr. Tharen Ferrolino! (by: Engr. Reinhold Jek Y. Abing, Science Research Specialist II/DOST Negros Oriental)