“The immense importance of physics in our lives cannot be discounted in our daily activities,” emphasized DOST Secretary Fortunato T. de la Peña in his landmark speech during the 41st Annual National Physics Seminar-Convention of the Philippine Physics Society (PPS) on April 10, 2019 at Maxino College, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

“The internet would not have been possible without the physics-based ideas that played a huge role in the development of computers and the World Wide Web,” he cited as an example.

He added, “whenever we have our blood pressure checked or—in the case of expecting mothers—avail of ultrasound as part of prenatal care, it is physics knowledge that have made them standard medical procedures.”

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Three Pillars

Sec. de la Peña also shared insights in his speech dubbed, DOST and the Three Pillars: Malasakit, Pagbabago at Kaunlaran.

“In broad strokes, our initiatives in government are geared toward reducing inequality, creating new opportunities for societal advancement, and expanding potentials for growth especially in rural areas,” Sec. de la Peña declared, referring to the vision of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s administration.

“Most importantly, we seek to complement the increase in economic activity with the purposeful advancement in science, technology and innovation. The overall plan is to continually breathe life into the components that make up its ecosystem, on both ends from the supply and demand side,” he expounded.

Before an audience of more than a hundred Physics teachers, students, and researchers from different regions of the country, Sec. de la Peña highlighted the achievements of DOST in terms of Research and Development, Technology Transfer/Productivity through S&T, S&T Services, Human Resource Development, and Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation.

He expressed his “fond hope that members and prime movers of the Philippine Physics Society shall be forever committed to develop lifelong learners who are logical, analytical, creative, and critical thinkers who can share their talents and skills toward national development and inclusive growth.”

He also lauded the “leadership and guidance of the founder and prime mover of the Philippine Physics Society, Dr. Gerardo Maxino, who established the Society some 45 years ago.”

For his part, Dr. Maxino reaffirmed their mission: “The Philippine Physics Society has always been committed to serve people using the principles of Physics. By increasing the capability of the members to link, to teach and also to do researches relevant to the actual needs of the communities.”

Also present in the event were Dr. Loreto B. Feril Jr. (researcher from Fukuoka University and keynote speaker), Engr. Edilberto L. Paradela (Regional Director, DOST 7), Engr. Jesus F. Zamora Jr. (ARD -Technical Operations, DOST 7), Mrs. Bernarda G. Perez (ARD-Finance, DOST 7) and Atty. Gilbert R. Arbon (Provincial Director, DOST Neg. Or. PSTC). (by: Joel Legaspi)

PHOTOS during the event: