Siq_SETUP2 DOST Siquijor PSTC turned over the cheque to (1st picture) Joan Edayan’s Siquijor Delicacy Food Products and (2nd picture) Kustom Bike Modification. Both firms qualified as Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program beneficiaries.


Siquijor (January, 2018) – DOST Siquijor lead by Provincial Science and Technology Director (PSTD) Engr. Mario E. de la Peña turned over funds totaling PhP637,500.00 to Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) beneficiaries recently.

Joan Edayan’s Siquijor Delicacy Food Products through its proprietor, Joan Edayan, received the cheque worth PhP365,000.00 from PSTD de la Peña. In a separate event, Mr. Andrew S. Bation who is the proprietor of Kustom Bike Modification also received a cheque worth PhP272,500.00 as part of the DOST SETUP assistance. The turnover of funds was witnessed by DOST Siquijor PSTC staff.

Joan Edayan’s firm availed the funding through the project “Technology Upgrading for the Baking and Production Processing of Joan Edayan’s Siquijor Delicacy for increased production and product packaging and labeling enhancement” which aims to enhance its food processing technology for increase in production and enhancement of product quality.

On the other hand, Kustom Bike Modification approached DOST to upgrade its motor fairing technology and improve its metal works efficiency for competitiveness. The fund will be used to purchase efficient welding, cutting and finishing equipment.

The beneficiaries thanked the agency for the assistance it has given to them. Both beneficiaries are looking at the great possibilities ahead especially in terms of increased productivity and enhanced competitiveness.

Prior to the turnover of funds, the beneficiaries were briefed on the proper use of funds and reminded that beneficiaries should only purchase equipment stipulated in the line item budget of the approved Memorandum of Agreement. After the turnover of funds, each of the beneficiaries submitted 37 post-dated checks as payments for the said DOST SETUP assistance.

Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) of DOST is a nationwide strategy to encourage MSMEs to upgrade their technologies, implement innovations at their level, and as a result, strengthen the country’s innovation system. (Engr. Reinhold Jek Y. Abing/SRA&IO-designate/DOST Siquijor PSTC S&T Media Service)