The DOST VII participants and enablers during the Developing Gender-Sensitive Culture Training on December 9, 2020 via zoom platform.

“This training seeks to provide a huge opportunity to all employees to help create a gender sensitive environment, necessary for every personnel to work effectively and efficiently in DOST 7,” Engr. Jesus F. Zamora, Jr. said during the Developing Gender Sensitive Culture in DOST 7 training on December 9, 2020 via zoom platform.

The training is in response to Section 3 of the Rules Implementing the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees mandates, the responsibility of every head of department, office and agency to ensure that officials and employees attend the values development program and participate in parallel values development efforts so as to promote a high standard of ethics in public service.

While Section 2 of Republic Act 9710- An Act providing for the Magna Carta of Women provides, the equality of men and women entails the abolition of unequal structures and practices that perpetuate discrimination and inequality. To realize this, each organization is encouraged to develop measures to address discrimination and inequality in the economic, political, social, and cultural life of women and men.

Ms. Maria Fe B. Singson, the Supervising Science Specialist of DOST-GAD Program provided the employees of DOST VII with inputs on, Organizational Climate, Factors that Influence Organizational Climate, Organizational Culture, Impact of bias and stereotype in the development of the organizational culture and Why Organizational Culture is important.

A total of 35 (24 Female, 11 Male) participants attended the training on Developing Gender-Sensitive Culture via zoom platform.

by Myrel Madridano-Siason