Engr. Mario E. de la Peńa handed in the check to Sister Mila Margaret V. Montegrejo, CARM. O.L., President of CCSIfor STARBOOKS and a livelihood program.

DOST VII through DOST SIQUIJOR PSTC has recently awarded the Carmelite College of Siquijor, Inc. this 2022 a project nominated as “Science and Technology Support for e-Learning and Community S&T Education to Carmelite College of Siquijor, Inc.”

It is a package of interventions which includes primarily the provision of the Science & Technology Academic and Research‐Based Openly‐Operated Kiosks or STARBOOKS, a digital portal of scientific information available at the Science and Technology Information Institute, the DOST Science and Technology Information Network of the Philippines (ScINET), Philippine eLib project sources, freely‐available online resources, and subscribed databases.  On the other hand, DOST has also given some income-generating livelihood platform.

Aptly, this stamps a concrete way of CCSI to pursue one of its mandates which is to  provide an integral Catholic education marked by a quality instruction, research and community extension services not only to its students but also to its nearby communities.

Engr. Mario E. de la Peńa said:  “I am confident that the Carmelite College of Siquijor, Inc. will become a dependable partner with DOST in creating interest in the field of Science and Technology, in encouraging minds to pursue ideas for inventions, and in inspiring students for entrepreneurship.  With the guidance of the Carmelite sisters, students will be instilled with the ethical dimension of the application of science in their lives.”

At its practical consideration, the grant of STARBOOKS would increase the library holdings of CCSI not only for updating the knowledge of both the faculty and students as far as science and technology is concerned but also for providing reference materials to both researches and instructions.

Carmelite College of Siquijor, Inc. is a family where “hearts are formed, minds are informed, and lives are transformed.”

DOST just came in as its new affiliate, so to speak, into the way of a brown community, and with a brawn guarantee of forging a friendship with formators and educators who can bring science to people on the ground.