DOST 7 Technician Obtains a Bachelor’s Degree

A dream come true


Mr. Niño Marie Monsanto, Handyman/Technician II assigned at the Department of Science and Technology Regional Office VII graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology at Cebu Technological University.


Kuya Niño as most of the DOST VII staff refer to Mr. Monsanto, dreamt of earning a Bachelor’s Degree. He finished his Secondary Education in 2001 and started working in a water cooling leasing company from 2002 up to 2009. In the same year, he began working at the DOST Regional Office VII as Handyman/Technician II. He only got the strong-will to continue his studies in 2017 when he initially enrolled for an Associate Degree Major in Refrigeration and sooner or later decided to pursue his aspiration and shifted to BSIT.


Being a student as well as a full time employee, Kuya Niño has encountered countless challenges. Some of these are managing his time for his family and his work alongside his studies; allocating time to prepare for an exam despite his busy day at work; and adapting to the new normal educational system when the pandemic began.

Notwithstanding all of these hurdles, he maintained his persistence, doubled his effort, and kept his desire to succeed at all costs.


Kuya Niño will be graduating this July through a virtual ceremony. In this significant milestone, he is very much grateful to the people who supported him in his journey most especially the DOST VII for granting his request to adjust his working schedule to fit his school hours, for understanding his situation, and for always rooting and supporting him in his plans for personal growth.

New Opportunity

After graduation, Kuya Niño is planning to step up and be a registered Master Electrician. This would be another tough road to take but there is no other way but forward. Achieving a Bachelor’s Degree boosted his confidence and enlightened him that there are still a lot of doors for opportunities that are waiting for him to be opened.

For those working students like him, his word of advice is to never run away from challenges and never stop dreaming.

The DOST VII family is more than proud of Kuya Niño’s achievement. The agency will always be at the back of its employees in their toil towards achieving their dreams.

(by: Dayien T. Lizada / Science Research Specialist I)