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DOST 7 calls for Unity to End Violence against Women and Children

DOST 7 Undergraduate Scholars heighten Gender Sensitivity

Members of DOST GFPS share GAD Best Practices

Gender Audit and GAD Planning and Budgeting Training of GFPS

Integrating GAD perspective in S & T Research

Gender Sensitivity Training to New Employees

Project Implementers and Gender Advocates heighten skills on Gender Statistics

GFPS, Technical Evaluators and Project Implementers heightened expertise on how to integrate GAD Perspective

2022 Women’s Month Regional Celebration of DOST 7 

2022 Visayas Cluster Forum: “Kababayen-an Taliwala sa Katalagman”

Orientation and Forum on Safe, Secure and Free from Gender Bias Education

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DOST 7 conducts Gender Audit to assess 2020-2021 GAD Mainstreaming Interventions

Virtual Training on Mainstreaming GAD Elements in the Project Development Cycle using the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG)

Gender Sensitivity Training and Orientation on How to Overcome the Challenges of E-Learning for Undergraduate Scholars

Advocating GAD in S & T Trainers Training for DOST 7 Project Implementers

New Employees of DOST 7 receive Gender Sensitivity Training

2021 Women’s Month Regional Celebration of DOST 7

Assistance to GREAT Women Project2

        –DOST 7 heightens the skills of WMEs on Digital Product Promotion, Advertising and Editing

        –WMEs boost knowledge on Meat and Fish Processing Training

        -GAD Responsive Programming

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Training on Developing Gender Sensitive-Culture in DOST VII

Women’s Month Celebration- report and photos (2020 Women’s Month Celebration of DOST 7)

Supported the implementation of the  GREAT WOMEN Project 2

Disseminated info of Gender Updates and Guidelines on Covid

Collection and Updating of GAD Database

Maintained GAD Care Center

Maintained GAD Corner through webpage and at office premises

Hired staff to assist in the coordination, implementation and monitoring of GAD programs, projects and activities in the region

Disseminated GAD Learning Materials for Clients and Employees

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GST for Negros Oriental Scholars

Awarding for Best Gender Responsive and Sensitive Unit

Gender Audit Training 

Gender Responsive Capacity Building

Observance of the 18-Day Campaign to End VAW

Attendance to GADtimpala Assessment

Orientation on Reproductive Diseases of Men and Women

Trainers Training, Gad database, Use of Gender Fair Language

National Women’s Month Celebration

Gender Analysis and Gender Analysis Tools Trainings

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Gender Sensitivity Training for PSTC Negros Oriental Scholars

HGDG seminar- workshop for DOST7 GFPS

Gender Audit (through GMEF Tool)

DOST GAD Speaker’s Bureau Training

Search for Gender Responsive Unit

Attendance to the 2018 GAD Focal Point Assembly

LGBT Pride March

GAD Appreciation Seminar-Workshop

    • Role Playing of Gender Issues
  • Ice Breaker Activities

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Capacity Building

National Women’s Month Celebration

Violence Against Women Initiatives

Gender-Sensitive Facilities

GAD Knowledge Channels

  • Maintenance of GAD Corner

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Capacity Building

  • GAD and GST Seminars and Workshops

National Women’s Month Celebration

  • Participation in DOST-wide Women’s Month Celebration