Intellectual works of homegrown men and women of science will again be showcased as the Department of Science and Technology 7 is set to hold the Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits (RICE) in Cebu City in June this year.

DOST 7 invites all Filipino science inventors, researchers, professionals and students and others in Region 7 interested in joining the 2019 Regional Invention Contest to submit their entries to the biennial science competition to be held on June 12 to 14, 2019 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City.

RICE,  which is designed to boost science creativity and innovation in particular and to stir public interest in science in general, is open to inventors and researchers in both  public and private sectors nationwide.

The regional competition serves as the qualifying round for the National Invention Contest.

Contestants may choose to compete in any or all of the following six competition categories: Outstanding Invention (Tuklas Award), Outstanding Utility Model, Outstanding Industrial Design, Outstanding Creative Research (Likha Award) and Outstanding Student Creative Research (Sibol Award) for High School and College students.

Entries in the Invention Category refer to any technical solution to a problem in any human activity which is new, involves inventive steps, and is industrially applicable. It may be, or may relate to, a product or process and their improvements. Entries in this category must have valid patents issued by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPhil).

Under Utility Model Category, entries also involve any technical solution to a problem in any human activity. It must also be new and industrially applicable subject to certain conditions provided by law. Entries must be supported with valid utility model registration.

In Industrial Design Category, entries involve any composition of line or color or any three-dimentional form whether or not associated with lines or colors, provided that line or color gives a special appearance to and can serve as a pattern for industrial product or handicraft. Likewise, entries in this category must be covered by industrial design registration.

On the other hand, Creative Research Category involve entries that refer to patents pending invention, registration pending utility models, and industrial designs and research results without application patents, utility model and industrial design registration.

Lastly, in Student Creative Research for College and High School, entries refer to new and innovative projects/models developed by college and high school students.

For further details, interested parties may get in touch with DOST 7 Regional Office or the nearest Provincial Science and Technical Centers in the region.