Science Explorer bus
Science Explorer bus

For the first time in Cebu’s local history, a modern mobile science facility will be cruising around Cebu province in a unique educational tour to treat local elementary and high school students to exciting science learning activities.

The “science Explorer”, a bus-type motor vehicle which serves as a mobile interactive learning facility that provides hands-on learning to students through fun and easy science activities, will hold its tour from  March 17 through 24, 2017 covering such towns as Daantbantayan, Medellin, Santa Fe, and Bantayan,   and with Lapu-Lapu City as the first leg of the trip.

The vehicle contains laboratory facilities, audio-visual equipment, interactive exhibits, and various learning materials helpful in facilitating learning to the students.

An outreach project undertaken by the Science Education Institute in coordination with the Department of Science and Technology – Region 7, the Science Explorer aims to “reach out places  to places where there is lack of laboratory facilities and equipment in a bid to entice the students to take careers in science.”

It is mission is to bring to under-equipped schools a mobile interactive laboratory that enables students to conduct hands-on experiments and “discover the wonderful world of science”. It also aims to bridge the lack of science facilities in schools in the country and provide a fun and learning experience in science and technology.

As part of its hands-on learning activities, the Science Explorer team dishes out a wide array of learning modules that include such topics as Space Science wherein students are taught how to make telescopes, and learn about eclipses, the sun, and water rocketry; Creativity and Invention wherein their creativity and innovativeness are tapped enabling them to think creatively and make their own inventions; and Robotics where they can exercise their problem-solving skills and learn how to make a robot do an assigned task.

Educational activities will also be undertaken in the following modules:  Biotechnology where students explore the minute world of genes in a fun and interactive way as they learn how vaccines are made and used ;  Fun Mathematics  where they learn the beauty in the mathematics, the golden number, and puzzle mathematics in an interactive way;  Biodiversity  where they  see the beauty of nature in a different light as they explore their environment and see the wonders of biodiversity;

Other activities cover subjects on Photosynthesis – where  students learn how plants produce food and how they affect life;  Water for Life wherein they  understand how human pollute one of the most vital resources on earth and how water purification and water filtration are done;  Geology, the science behind the rocks, where  they see how rock formations  are formed through time; and  Climate change  where they will learn about  the changing weather patterns,  extreme weather disturbances, and their effects on the natural environment;

Moreover, students will also be taught about basic computer programming, internet research, energy, food science and technology, and biology.

The strategies employed by the Science Explorer to ensure effective learning include the use of computer-aided instructional materials for elementary and high school science and mathematics students utilizing locally-developed courseware and resources, ETV lessons, resources and films; fun experiments and play science, interactive science exhibits, storytelling, creativity workshops/invent school, and face-to-face interaction with scientists and inventors.


written by:  Licinio Gingoyon