The DOST-7 Library consists of a main regional library based in the DOST 7, Lahug S&T Complex, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City.

Library Services
1. Reference/Information Service

This service consists of personal assistance provided to library users. The librarian assists the clients in their search for information.

2. Literature Search

A library user who may want to know what references are available for a specific subject or topic is assisted through this service. All available indexes, bibliographies, lists are checked using the databases in order to produce the needed materials/information.

3. Livelihood and educational programs on video tapes showing and borrowing

Video tapes on livelihood technologies in coordination with TLRC and Continuing Education for Teachers (CONSTEL), tapes on physics, chemistry and science are available for showing and borrowing.

4. Print outs on Selected Technology

Interested clients are given print outs on specific technology subject to availability of such technology in the databases.

5. Online Search through e-Lib Project

Library clients are referred online access thru e-Lib project. It provides a portal that contains a union catalog of the holdings of the 5 partners (such as DOST, National Library of the Philippines, DA, CHED, UP), and provide links to these resources.

6. Online Search through Herdin Neon

Herdin Networks of Networks (Neon) is a system and database that enables online exchange of information and allows distributed knowledge repository network.Herdin hosts electronic collection or database of bibliographic entries of published and unpublished health researches in the Philippines.

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  1. Online Search through SILMS
SciNet Integrated Libary Management System (SILMS) Click here