DOST Undergraduate Scholarship Program in Central Visayas

The DOST Scholarship programs in the region consist of the following:


  • a.  RA 7687 Scholarship program or Program A– focuses on talented students whose family’s socio-economic status does not exceed the set cut-off values of certain indicators. These indicators included: high school tuition fees, electric bills and annual fam ily income of not more than P156,600.00.
  • b.   DOST Merit Scholarship Program or Program B– this was formerly known as the NSDB or NSTA Scholarship. This scholarship is open to all talented students.
  • c.   Junior Level Assistance Program (JLAP)/Project GIFTS– this scholarship grants for qualified third year students who are enrolled in priority engineering courses and in the basic and applied sciences.



Activities in the Implementation of the DOST Scholarship Program in Central  Visayas


The DOST 7 staff is assisted by three (3) project-based personnel to implement the DOST Scholarship program in Central Visayas. The activities include:


  • a. Promotion of the DOST Scholarship Program
  • b. Processing of the requirements of applicants for the annual DOST Scholarship Examination
  • c. Support to the conduct of DOST Scholarship Examination.
  • d. Processing the papers of the passers
  • e. Orientation and contract signing of scholars
  • f. Facilitate the conduct of the Summer Orientation Enhancement Program (SOEP)
  • g. Processing of the benefits and privileges of the scholars (e.g. tuition fees, stipends, etc.)
  • h. Monitoring of the scholars
  • i. Providing support to scholars