To effectively develop gender responsive programs and services, project implementers and gender advocates of DOST Region 7 attended the Training-Workshop on “Gender Statistics for Gender and Development” provided by the Philippine Statistical Research and Training Institute (PSRTI) and spearheaded by the Department of Science and Technology.

The training enabled the participants to develop basic set of skills to read, interpret and use gender statistics correctly. The course also enhanced the capacity of the participants to learn how to incorporate gender perspective in all stages of data production process.

The said activity is in support to the gender mainstreaming advocacy of DOST 7 who hugely advocated the regular collection, management, analysis of gender statistics so as to integrate the gender indicators showing the concerns of women and men in the program design, implementation and evaluation.

During the training the project Implementers, gender advocates and experts were provided with inputs on statistical concepts, methods of gender data collection and questionnaire design, gender data literacy and avoiding common mistakes, communicating gender data and statistics.

Strong coordination and commitment is most needed for all policy-makers, planners, gender experts, the general public, and other stakeholders to deliver to help delivery gender equality results through the use, analysis and integration of gender statistics in all project development stages.

Prepared by: Myrel M. Siason