Siquijor (January, 2018) – Siquijor province has 3 qualifiers for the Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) of the Department of Science and Technology based based on home address. This is the first time that a regular junior student from a tertiary institution in the province of Siquijor qualified for the JLSS and took the yearly examination. The other 2 qualifiers are enrolled in a tertiary institution outside of Siquijor. On the other hand, a student from Larena UCCP Learning Center passed the Philippine Science High School National Competitive Examination (PSHS NCE).

The JLSS passers were Nathalia Tabilon, a BS in Information Technology student of Siquijor State College (SSC); Ms. Christine Jay Balolong, a BS Agriculture Student of NORSU; and Ms. Febrianne Soccour Bolongon, a BS Mathematics student also from NORSU. They are among the students who took the examination held last November 2017 at the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) Gymnasium.

Sean Philippe Bongbong, a Grade 6 pupil of Larena UCCP Learning Center, passed the PSHS NCE from among the 99 pupils who took the scholarship examination last October 2017 at the SSC Gymnasium.

DOST JLSS qualifiers will enjoy tuition and other school fees, book allowance, monthly living allowance, transportation allowance, group accident insurance, MS/PE uniform allowance and post-graduation clothing allowance.

PSHS scholars get a monthly stipend in addition to free tuition and free loan of textbooks. Uniform, transportation and living allowances are also given according to financial needs.

A total of 26,600 examinees underwent the qualifying test nationwide and only 1,361 students passed registering a national passing rate of 5.12%.

For PSHS passers, they must immediately contact the Registrar or the Campus Director of the PSHS Campus they are qualified to enroll, or visit or for more information about early enrolment. Deadline for slot confirmation/reservation of principal qualifiers is on January 15, 2018 for Main Campus qualifiers, and on February 2, 2018 for regional campus qualifiers.  Specific schedule of other enrolment activities shall be announced by the respective campuses.

Orientation on the Scholarship Policies and Benefits for JLSS scholars for Central Visayas is temporarily scheduled on the 1st week of February 2018.

The JLSS is a scholarship program under the Republic Act No. 7687 or the “S&T Scholarship Act of 1994,” R.A. No. 10612 or the “Fast-Tracked S&T Scholarship Act of 2013,” and the R.A. No. 2067 or the Merit Scholarship Program.” According to a report by DOST SEI, a total 4,529 students passed this year’s DOST JLSS out of the 6,049 examinees.

The JLSS is implemented in support of the overall goal of increasing the number of scientists and engineers that will help boost knowledge creation and economic productivity in the country. RA 10612, on the other hand, supports the execution of the K to 12 law by creating a pool of scholar-graduates that can competently teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the basic education level. (By: Engr. Reinhold Jek Y. Abing/SRA/IO-designate/DOST Siquijor PSTC S&T Media Service)