Two DOST-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) scholars topped this year’s chemical engineering and professional teachers’ licensure examinations, proudly paying off the agency’s endeavor to produce excellent college graduates through its scholarship programs for deserving students.

Franz Loui Rosario, who obtained an average rating of 80.90%, copped 7th place in the chemical engineering licensure examinations. Jayvee Armamento, who got 88.40%, garnered 8th place in the board licensure examinations for professional teachers (BLEPT) given in September 2016.

The two board topnotchers were both scholar-graduates under the DOST-SEI scholarship programs. Both also graduated magna cum laude in April 2016 from the University of San Carlos where Rosario obtained his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Armamento his Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd), major in Physics-Math.

Jayvee C. Armamento
                  Jayvee C. Armamento

Armamento was born to poor parents. His father, a taxi driver, and his mother who works as a factory worker, could hardly provide for his education. With his intellectual gift, he was a promising student with a bright future. But poverty had jeopardized the future of this young student who certainly was one of the country’s bright hopes.

Being economically underprivileged, he applied for DOST-SEI scholarship pursuant to Republic Act No. 7687, otherwise known as the Science and Technology Act of the 1994.

RA 7687 provides for scholarship to poor but talented and deserving students who want to pursue college studies in basic sciences, engineering and applied sciences, as well as science and mathematics teaching.

Under the auspices of the DOST-SEI scholarship program, Armamento was able to pursue his studies. Ultimately he was able to acquire a college degree with flying colors, paving the way for the realization of his dream of becoming a successful professional in the field of science education.

Aside from graduating magna cum laude, Armamento was class valedictorian in high school and salutatorian in elementary. He also excelled in various co-curricular activities and competitions.

                  Franz Loui E. Rosario

Rosario, on the other hand, was a scholar under the DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program whose beneficiaries belong to families with comparatively better economic status than those of RA 7687 scholars.

He was also class valedictorian both in high school and elementary.

His parents, being both of advanced ages, could no longer afford to send him to college. To continue his studies which was partly sustained by his siblings, Rosario availed himself of the DOST-SEI merit scholarship program that provided him that precious chance to pursue his college education, to graduate cum laude, and to eventually land as a topnotcher in Chemical Engineering licensure examinations.

Rosario recalled how he, at a young age, felt in love with science: “My inquisitive little brain was filled with so many questions about things and science seems to have the answers. Math came naturally to my brain too.”

With its scholarship program, the DOST-SEI had provided Rosario and Armamento the key with which to open the door to successful academic endeavors and professional careers in the fields they profess to love. Soon they will be seen to become productive contributors to the country’s growth in the field of science and technology.

The success of these two dreamers are not just their own. Verily, it also reflects the success of DOST-SEI whose mandate it is “to develop a scientifically and technologically literate citizenry” and “to accelerate the development of S&T human resources needed for socio-economic development.”