DOST 7 backs a home-grown and all Filipino-operated shipbuilding company.

GAM Engineering, a young fast-growing shipbuilding firm in north Cebu, is now a proud DOST 7 SETUP partner. The company is composed of a highly capable team of shipbuilding professionals that provides detailed engineering designs and other innovative shipping and engineering solutions to clients in the industry.

Its workforce is made up of forward-thinking engineers and naval architects as well as a roster of highly skilled construction and management personnel, welder, fitter, electricians, and laminators. At a fairly young age, the GAM Engineering personnel are unafraid to conquer the shipbuilding industry.

Operating in a 4,000 sqm enclosed boat-building facility located in Luyang, Carmen, Cebu, the company boasts of state-of-the-art equipment such as in-house Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) casting facility and CNC steel cutting machine.

GAM Engineering offers various designs of custom-made boats to suit specific demands of customers. The shipbuilding firm builds, among others, bay and dinner cruise-type vessels equipped with optional solar panels for energy saving and added environmental sustainability; bespoke luxury yachts using cutting edge design techniques and high-quality workmanship for customers wishing to cruise the seas in ultimate style and comfort; and modernized Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) hulled and  MARINA standards  compliant-trimaran passenger boats at a more affordable price.

It is accredited by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) as a “Class A” boat builder, the highest classification granted to local boat builders.

As the growth in the shipping industry and inter-island maritime transport business gives rise to a market demand for production of more efficient and modernized vessels, delivery of such standard-quality products has become a challenge to a budding shipbuilder. GAM Engineering receives a high volume of orders from its customers. Yet the manual hand lamination process it is currently using in the fabrication phase in ship construction would compromise the company’s product quality, efficiency, and total production output.

As the enterprise encounters production constraints, it decided to seek assistance from the Department of Science and Technology-Cebu (DOST-PSTC Cebu) that is going to provide boat-building technology support which can optimize its Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) boat hull-casting capability.

The DOST 7-GAM Engineering partnership was sealed by the 7 October 2021 Memorandum of Agreement on upgrading of boat building technology for the manufacture of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) boats. The signatories are OIC-Regional Director, Engr. Jesus F. Zamora Jr., OIC-Chief for Technical Operations, Mr. Bryan B. Ybañez, OIC-Provincial Director of PSTC Cebu, Engr. Juan Edgar C. Osorio together with GAM Engineering General Manager and Chief Mechanical Engineer, Engr. Micah B. Arceno.

This project aims to provide science and technology interventions for the sustainable enterprise development of ship/boat building operations. GAM Engineering will be upgrading its process into a modern and industrial type of shipbuilding to boost its total production, suit mass production, and integrate up-to-date innovation and technology in its systems to manage fast-track construction and cope up with the expected surge in demand for ships of high quality standard.

The DOST through SETUP encourages the adoption of technological innovations to improve business operations, thus boosting productivity and competitiveness by providing funding and technological assistance. The program enables firms to address their needs through technology transfer and S&T interventions in order to achieve business growth.

As a new partner of the DOST 7, GAM Engineering vows to utilize innovative technologies in its boat building processes guided by the principle that an engineered boat is a better and lasting boat in a journey at sea.  (by: Dayien T. Lizada  and Licinio F. Gingoyon)